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Debunking more misinformation about the Trans …

2019-6-23 · As someone interested in evidence-based decision-making there are few topics as frustrating to discuss as the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion (TMX) project. The reason for this is that the media landscape is so completely full of misinformation and bad information that evidence-based decision making is almost impossible. This weekend I had an extended discussion with…

Monday, May 1, 2006 | Daily Oil Bulletin

Potential operators of enhanced oil recovery projects want government support for a pipeline to deliver carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery. Some say the oilsands sector''s ravenous appetite for natural gas can be curbed by developing technology to gasify coal, bitumen and petroleum coke. May 1, …

Petrobank and Tristar become PetroBakken – …

The Canadian oilsands which is an amount of oil several times Saudi Arabian oil reserves could become cheaper and cleaner to develop and basically push off peak oil for a decade or two. There is information below about the increased price of oil based on API. and petroleum coke. The process thermally cracks the long chain hydrocarbon

Tar Sand Eco Impact Pt.1(merged) : Environment, …

2014-12-23 · Up until the 1960s, the common name for Canada’s massive reserves of heavy bitumen mixed with sand was “tar sands.” Now, the phrase is officially considered a colloquialism, with “oil sands” being the accurate name, according to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

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Here we address some of the most frequently asked questions about the oil price crash and what it means for the energy sector. Distress in energy and natural resources. Helping investors evaluate opportunities in energy and natural resources during the Covid-19 crisis. Energy Transition Guide.

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2020-7-24 · Meanwhile due to the roughly 50% recent decline in the price of oil Alberta will be running a deficit in the vicinity of $5-billion over the next year alone. Alberta also has the lowest provincial

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2015-2-27 · This EMA is the first focussing specifically on crude oil, and is entitled Canada’s Oil Sands: A Supply and Market Outlook to 2015.The main objective of this report is to review the supply and market for bitumen and synthetic crude oil derived from Canada’s oil sands, to the year 2015.

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2017-1-25 · The Brent price averaged about $44/b in 2016 (nominal) and is about $54/b at the end of the year. My guess would be about $75/b by the end of 2017 in 2016$. If Fernando’s estimate is in 2016 $ and is the average Brent price for 2017, I agree with his estimate. That means he may be wrong, because I am rarely correct on my oil price estimate.

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2020-8-9 · Gujarat Bitumen Share Price, Gujarat Bitumen Stock Price, Gujarat Bitumen Ltd. 67% since the beginning of 2020, according to trading on a contract for difference (CFD) that tracks the benchmark market for this commodity. , Iran Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Bitumen, Tar, Pitch. Welcome to Benco Trading Limited.

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2020-7-20 · The residue of this process is a nearly pure black carbon known as petroleum (pet) coke that, if it builds up, has to be blasted loose, as if mining for coal in industrial equipment. The coke is, in fact, a kind of coal and is often burned in the dirtiest fossil fuel''s stead.

Aerial photos reveal Canada oil sands mining - …

2018-5-21 · One is the contentious $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline, which would shuttle petroleum more than 1,100 miles, from North Dakota''s Bakkan oil fields to holding tanks in Patoka, Illinois.


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MEG Energy

2020-8-1 · MEG Energy is a Canadian energy company focused on sustainable in situ thermal oil production. Learn More - Our Christina Lake Project surrounded by Alberta’s boreal forest

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Deutsche Bank says it won''t back any new oilsands or coal projects 28 Jul 2020 Frankfurt-based Deutsche Bank is joining a lengthening list of European lenders and insurance companies that say they won''t back new oilsands projects.

History of the petroleum industry in Canada (oil sands …

2020-3-4 · Canada''s oil sands and heavy oil resources are among the world''s great petroleum deposits. They include the vast oil sands of northern Alberta, and the heavy oil reservoirs that surround the small city of Lloydminster, which sits on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.The extent of these resources is well known, but better technologies to produce oil from them are still being developed.

Developments in Oil Shale

2018-10-23 · In the past, petroleum pipeline infrastructure left PADD 4 isolated from the other districts, a situation that may slowly improve with the emphasis on new production in the region. With recent record-high crude oil price, crude production has increased in PADD 4, as has local refining of this production.

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International Petroleum Acquires Granite Oil Corp. for $80MM Cash: $80 02/24/2020: Tourmaline Bolts On Montney Acreage for $49 Million: $49 02/24/2020: Tourmaline Acquires Chinook Energy in …

David Black to seek federal loan guarantees for …

CALGARY - A newspaper owner with a $26-billion plan to refine oilsands crude on the West Coast said Wednesday he''ll be seeking loan guarantees from Ottawa in support of the proposed project. David Black said he plans to approach the federal government in the spring and ask it to guarantee about one third of the total financing it needs for a

Alberta’s Oil Sands: Hard Evidence, Missing Data, New

Pitched battles are a regular occurrence in northern Alberta, Canada, as development of the province’s oil sands continues to expand. One ongoing battle—with another salvo launched in February 2011 with the leak of a European Commission report1—concerns how dirty oil sands are, relative to other fuels. Another concerns the influence of the oil sands industry in monitoring its own

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Petroleum and natural gas tenure Royalties Tenure public offerings and results Minister Sonya Savage. Sonya Savage was appointed Minister of Energy and Deputy House Leader on April 30, 2019. Learn more. Associate Minister Dale Nally. Dale Nally was sworn in as Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity on March 24, 2020.

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A two-step bio-oil upgrading study using carbon …

A two-step bio-oil upgrading process has been investigated using carbon supported molybdenum carbide alysts. The waste materials, petcoke (PC) and biochar (BC) were activated to yield the Mo₂C/ and Mo₂C/ABC alysts ( – activated petcoke and ABC – activated biochar). These alysts presented very high (approximately 85%) direct deoxygenation (DDO) selectivity in the

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2020-8-9 · The modern-day challenges of exploration require developing novel geophysical techniques, which improve exploration success and lead to new discoveries.The Third Conference invites papers which focus on emerging geophysical techniques for mineral exploration, novel interpretation methods, including joint inversion of multiphysics data, and challenging case studies.

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